Most Comprehensive Survey Courses in Kerala

ALG International Institute is the best institution in Kerala offering such a comprehensive range of Survey courses including Quantity Survey, DGPS, GNSS, GIS and Hydrographic Survey and a host of Government recognized courses such as the ITI and KGCE Courses.

 It is a job oriented, technical certification course related to the construction sector, after which students are likely to get a government job as well as a private job.

The job of the surveyor is to determine the boundary of any land.

Surveying is very important for today’s technical and advanced world because the correct information given by the surveyor, first of all, ensures that a structure will remain intact for the time being.

Nowadays surveyors use the GPS (  Global Positioning System ) to carry out survey work with great accuracy.

Surveyors also work with civil engineers, landscape architects, cartographers and photogrammetrists, and urban and regional planners to develop comprehensive design documents.

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