Robotics with AI & Data Science

Robots are aimed at manipulating the objects by perceiving, picking, moving, modifying the physical properties of object, destroying it, or to have an effect thereby freeing manpower from doing repetitive functions without getting bored, distracted, or exhausted.

Robotics is a branch of AI, which is composed of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science for designing, construction, and application of robots.

This is a technology of AI with which the robots can see. The computer vision plays vital role in the domains of safety, security, health, access, and entertainment.

Computer vision automatically extracts, analyzes, and comprehends useful information from a single image or an array of images. This process involves development of algorithms to accomplish automatic visual comprehension.

Roboitics With Reinforcement Learning And Appropriate Hardware Simulations. Course Includes Use Cases Such As Computer Vision, Chatbot, Speech Recognition, Hand Written Text Recognition, Spam Detection, Optical Character Recognition Etc..

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